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Chemical bomb in gym

21 November

You know that phrase “it could only happen in America” – well “Chemical bomb in gym” definitely falls into that category doesn’t it?

Cancer Patient gym “ban”

17 November

There seems to be more to this gym story than meets the eye.

Prince Harry’s new gym pal

10 June

Prince Harry’s new gym pal Have you seen the latest gym scoop in the Daily Mirror? Prince Harry met Cameron Diaz at his gym and now they are drinking buddies. Apparently Harry was on a running machine at his £3,500 per annum private gym and Cameron Diaz who was in London filming was on the […]

How To Buy Gym Equipment From Craigslist

11 February

One of the great things about buying gym equipment, especially free weights, is that it is pretty hard to break or “wear out”

How gym membership relieves stress

30 January

More and more health professionals are prescribing exercise as an effective first remedy for stress.

Trade your Gym Membership for The Great Outdoors

09 January

I always like to train for a specific goal or event; it motivates me to get back in to some good routines…