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Trade your Gym Membership for The Great Outdoors

09 January

I always like to train for a specific goal or event; it motivates me to get back in to some good routines…

Discounted Gym Membership

04 January

We could all do with saving money after Christmas, and you can start by getting the best deal at your gym.

Power Plates – the ‘microwave’ of fitness!

30 December

I may work out regularly but I am still inherently lazy by nature, which is why Power Plates are so appealing; the notion of standing, sitting or lying on something that effectively does the exercise for you sounds like a dream!

How to Save on Your Gym Membership – Use it Or Lose It!

17 December

I would love to know the statistics on the number of people who sign up for a gym membership with every intention of getting into shape and losing weight…

Gym membership?

12 December

Gym membership?   Saw this on You Tube and thought it summed up my views on gym membership Oh so you mean you actually have to do some exercise! No one mentioned that when I bought my gym membership.