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Prince Harry’s new gym pal

10 June

Prince Harry’s new gym pal

Have you seen the latest gym scoop in the Daily Mirror? Prince Harry met Cameron Diaz at his gym and now they are drinking buddies. Apparently Harry was on a running machine at his £3,500 per annum private gym and Cameron Diaz who was in London filming was on the next machince. Harry challenged her to a 1km race but it odesn’t say who won. The Daily Mirror say the exclusive gym is in South Kensington but actually they have got that bit wrong – the gym is actually in Chelsea just down the road – KX Gym on Drayton Avenue. Sadly the story doesn’t mention who won. If you want to join KX you need to be a fan of African flame wood because the place is covered in it and if you want a swimming pool you will be disappointed. Frankly the Peak Club at the Carlton Tower Hotel has much better facilities and a wonderful view of London – even LA Fitness around the corner in Pelham Street has a swimming pool. Hey but you won’t meet Harry or Cameron in other gyms!


Andrew Kitching