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Nuffield gym membership

08 November

Nuffield gym membership

I am sorry to keep going on about the Nuffield gym membership deal on but we are getting so much mail about it. Yes you really can get a discounted Nuffield gym membership without having a corporate account. That means that everyone out there who is not an employee of a large corporation can now benefit from really good prices at Nuffield. Apparently it’s all part of looking after the “little guy” – that’s me and you by the way – according to the gym website. Andrew Kitching owner of the gym website thinks “gym membership should be affordable for everyone. We have a really good working relationship with the people at Nuffield and we absolutely love their clubs!”. Here are some examples of the discounted Nuffield gym membership: Doncaster Nuffield standard peak price £55/month – gym website price £42/month, Chelmsford Nuffield standard peak price £60.50/month – gym website price £52/month, Wimbledon Nuffield standard peak prices £75/month – gym website price £62/month. Okay so not everyone can afford those Nuffield gym membership prices even when they are discounted but you get the idea. The average discount is 15% – although some discounts are bigger – and everyone benefits from a reduced administration fee of £29. Let us know what you think about the Nuffield gym membership deals!


Andrew Kitching