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Kate Moss plans £850,000 home gym

19 September

Kate Moss plans £850,000 home gym

Yes you read it correctly Kate Moss is planning to build an £850,000 home gym in her £7m North London home. Is it just me or does that sound like a massive waste of money? Kate has applied for a £2.5m redevelopment of her Grade II listed home which has apparently upset the neighbors. Not as much as my neighbor at South Eaton Place has upset me.  She has spent the past twelve month’s excavating the back of her house to install a screening room and a home gym (with tasteless glass wall so visitors can be impressed). In case you wonder where she got the money her husband is Paul Deighton Chief Executive of the London Organising Committee – so now you know why tickets are so expensive for the Olympics. Actually I have an in house gym – it’s called the stairs – and when I want some anaerobic exercise I lift up my baby or open the bathroom door.


Andrew Kitching