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How To Buy Gym Equipment From Craigslist

11 February

gym membershipGym Membership not the only route to fitness 

Gym membership is not always the only route to health and fitness and for some installing a gym at home is a great way to keep trim. I asked fellow blogger Rick Valance to write about buying gym equipment and must admit I had never thought of this source. Gym membership or equipment or both I thought this might be a good article to include here.

Craigslist has been in the “hot seat” for a while now. It has even been bashed in a few television dramas. While there are some unsavory characters using the service, it is not overrun by those who are deviant and lie in wait to accost the unsuspecting buyer as some may have you believe. It is primarily a place where regular people buy, sell and trade very reasonably priced goods and services. Buying gym equipment may be the focus here, but the guidelines on how to function on Craigslist apply to pretty much any transaction you may make on it and will keep yourself safe too.

One of the great things about buying gym equipment, especially free weights, is that it is pretty hard to break or “wear out”; when it isn’t functional anymore, it is usually very obvious. Working out with used equipment is just as effective as using new equipment and used equipment is significantly cheaper. However, you know the old saying “if something seems too good to be true…” well on Craigslist people just want to get rid of stuff, quickly in most cases. Sometimes you may really score a great bargain but the better the deal sounds the more you should do your due diligence in inspecting the item(s). A deal is not a deal if it comes with a gorilla attached to it. Be a part of the growing “Craigslist Police” force. When you come across a deal that is false or some sort of scam, use the flags at the top of each page that alert site moderators to them. The advertisement will be investigated for legitimacy and be removed if found to be truly bogus.

The only difficulty with buying gym equipment here is that it doesn’t have its own category. “Beauty & Health” and “Sporting” are the two categories that you will have the greatest success finding what you need for your home gym. Find a comfy chair to sit in you may be there a while. Your other option is to use the search bar, but you have to have in mind exactly what you want and search for it in its broadest of terms; you are also counting on everyone being as good a speller as you. Once you find something you are interested in, getting a phone number is a must. This will speed up the transaction and it gives both of you a direct contact to sort out details. Emails can be dumped, overlooked, marked as spam and you have to count on the other party to check it regularly.

The one aspect of Craigslist that is its biggest strength also happens to be its greatest weakness and that is meeting the seller and inspecting goods before purchasing. Meeting in a public place is always the ideal but not always possible. No matter what ALWAYS bring an able bodied witness. If you are the one selling NEVER agree to let a stranger into your home without someone else you trust there. Just remember you have the right to say no to any suggested transaction. Buyer or seller, don’t be afraid or intimidated; say no if you are not pleased with the proposed transaction. If the buyer/seller is legitimate this should not be a problem. As a buyer you should always insist on a receipt of some kind, it can be something as simple as a hand written note signed by both parties. Don’t forget to get any other paperwork or accessories for the item(s) like instructions, warranties, pins, bars, etc. It is up to you the consumer to protect yourself at all times when shopping in this manner, Craigslist is a great place to find bargains if you only apply a bit of common sense.

Rick Valence loves to read and write short stories, books and especially blogs. He has a vast array of writing interests that include fiction, non-fiction and how-to guides. He considers himself a bit of a wine aficionado and enjoys spending his vacations in the beautiful California Wine Country discovering great new wines and food pairings. Rick works Monday through Friday as a digital camera repair specialist at C.R.I.S. Camera Services in Chandler, Arizona. He is also the webmaster of his company’s camera repair blog.

Well I’m of to look at Craigslist now, I hope you found Rick’s article informative. Off course I still advocate gym membership with a good local gym but it can’t hurt to have a few weights at home for those idle moments.

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