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local gymImportance of Local Gyms

Location is certainly most important thing to consider before joining a gym. Apart from the obvious cost considerations like travel (petrol) costs and the time needed to get to your local gym or fitness club, there are also the hidden and often not considered costs.

Only 27% of gym members use the gym regularly – once a week or more. Let’s be honest if it becomes inconvenient or just takes too much time from your busy daily schedule, the chances are that many of us will become a little lax in visiting our local gyms or fitness clubs regularly.  That’s just human nature. Choosing to pay a little more for a local gym will very often pay huge dividends especially if it encourages regular attendence.

Local Gyms by Town

Here is a selection of local gyms and fitness centres  in towns across UK and Scotland. We have over 200 more towns and cities to choose from at our website so if we missed your town here our apologies.

Find Gyms by Town

To find more local gyms for your town go to this useful “Gym Finder” tool and enter your postcode or town name. All gyms will be shown with a link to their individual pages where you can access all the info about the health club and gym facilities.

Find Local Gyms by Brand

Alternatively go to our website and search for gyms by brand name to see if your favourite gym is also local to your work or home.

To do this just enter your home town in our Gym Finder Tool and click Go

Then when you get to that town page you will see (top left) a small drop down box named “Filter by Brand” asking you to select your Gym Brand. This menu will list all the gym brands we currently offer near you.

Cheap Gym Membership & Gym Membership Offers

Once you have found a local gym then we invite you to checkout our Cheap gym membership & gym membership offers. These are available for a multitude of memership plans (2 week, 3 month, 6 month 1 year) as well as in over 450 towns in UK.

Our page on this blog with our latest Cheap gym membership offers is constantly update as soon as we secure a new gym membership offer.

So please try and find a local gym.