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Things to Consider Before Buying Gym Membership

22 April

Things to Consider Before Buying Gym Membership


London Gyms - bloomsbury nuffield poolHere are a few tips to help you when looking at local gyms for the first time that you will want to keep in mind. Remember that picture in an ad or brochure may look great but only if you end up going on a regular basis, otherwise it will be just another pretty picture (like the one on this page).








  • Location is the single most important thing to consider before joining a gym – if your club is too far way you won’t use it. And please don’t be over optimistic about journey times – try the route at times of day when you will use your club.
  • Look around the club at the times you want to use it to make sure it’s not too busy. Beware the club manager who brags “we have 50 running machines”. It might mean the club is really busy and needs more than 50 running machines. There is nothing more frustrating than queuing for equipment.
  • Check out the ambience of the club and the clientele. Do the staff say hello or remember your name. Is the club full of families and you are single etc. It’s not how smart the locker doors are but whether you feel comfortable at a club. If you don’t like the atmosphere you won’t go back.
  • Speak to current members of the club and see what they say – you can find out a lot!
  • Check any gym membership contract before you sign. Most contracts are actually credit agreements so if you cancel your Direct Debit payments you will end up with a bad credit rating or have to pay the whole contract.
  • Most gyms provide cheaper membership during ‘off-peak’ hours. This means if you can use the gym during the daytime or at weekends, you could save a lot of money. Depending on where the club is it will either be busy during the week – town centre club or busy at weekends – country club.


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Andrew Kitching