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Gym Membership Price Secrets

24 April

Gym Membership Price Tips

gym membership price tip - ManchesterHere are a few tips and ideas with regards to gym membership prices that you may wish to consider when looking for a new gym to train at this year. We believe finding a “local” gym is always best as it usually results in a better attendance record. However local does not always need to be near where you live. We have seen many people choose to go to gyms local to their work place. So if you commute then this might help with “rush hour blues” as well.

Gym Membership Price Tips

  • Clubs inside London are the most expensive clubs in the country for obvious reasons. Gym membership prices vary from £50-£80 per month for the big group chains although you can get better deals at your local authority clubs. Exclusive clubs like the Peak Club in the Carlton Tower cost £3000-£4000 per year.  If you commute into London try and find a gym group who have a club near your home and near your office who will allow you to use both under the terms of your membership.
  • Small independent clubs are often good value and very friendly with gym membership prices around £30 per month but often don’t have swimming pools or don’t refurbish their clubs as often as the big chains.
  • Hotel clubs such as LivingWell (Hilton), Spirit (Holiday Inn), Otium (Thistle) are often a great deal because the clubs are not just about generating revenue from memberships. The clubs first priority is to service hotel guests and so the gym membership prices tend to be cheaper than stand alone clubs. You also get the benefit of hotel service standards, discounts at the hotel bar and often free membership.
  • Country Clubs and Spa’s are often great value for money. The clubs are often in more remote locations and have to offer great value to attract customers and like hotel clubs above and often a service to hotel guests first and foremost. Q hotels offer great spas and health clubs with monthly membership from £30 to £50 per month.
  • Group operators vary massively in price with discount operators like truGym or the Gym  starting at just £15 per month up to more expensive chains like David Lloyd and Esporta charging £50 – £90 per month and everything else between.
  • Local authority clubs are often run by private management companies like DC Leisure or GLL. The clubs vary in quality but some are amazing and offer fantastic value especially if you want family membership. Prices vary from as little as £20 per month up to £50 per month depending on where you live in the country.

Well I hope these tips help your search and if you have any interesting tips or suggestions why not leave a comment below to help others in their search to find the best gym membership prices.

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Andrew Kitching