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Don’t Commit Unless You’ll Use it.

18 April

Don’t Commit to a Long Gym Membership Contract unless you’ll use it

nuffield gym membershipSome might think we should not be writing this as it seems to be contrary to our business of selling great gym membership deals to everyone. However nothing upsets us more than seeing customers locked into contracts (often expensive) that in all reality they will not benefit from. Below is part of an article by with some useful advice for anyone just starting their search for a local gym. Also please see our post Things to consider before buying gym membership”


Gyms are packed in January, but a few months later, half the people disappear. Resolutions have gone, but they’re locked into a contract, possibly paying £100s a year for nowt.

Gyms aren’t cheap. Add membership administration fees to the monthly charge and the annual cost is usually north of £500.

Never think a gym costs £50 a month. If you’re locked in for a year’s contract, always times it by 12 and think of it as a yearly cost. Remember ….

£50 a month might not sound too bad, but over 12 months, that’s £600.

Pick the right gym membership option for you

If you’re podgy with a beer belly and surging with good first-time fitness intention, there’s a decent chance your enthusiasm may wane. By signing a year’s contract, the only pounds you’ll lose are from your wallet. Try out these options first.


         Free gym passesBefore you join the gym, grab a free trial to test whether the new fitness regime’s for you.

         Pay as you go?– A new website lets you pay as you go – it can be worth paying a little more for a few months until you’re sure you’ll continue. Plus no-frills and council gyms often let you pay per visit too. – ** However we have to admit that these Pay as You Go deals are often not available in most gyms and so may not be available in your area.

         Short-term memberships – If you’re a newbie, it’s better to use short-term membership at first, even if you pay slightly more per use/month until you’re sure you’ll stick. Plus often no-frills and council gyms will let you pay for a month at a time.

         Free gym passes

In the gym industry, there’s a term called ‘gym turkeys’, meaning folks who come in January and never turn up again – even though they’re locked into a year’s contract.

Never join a gym before seeing if it fits. Most gyms offer free day-long trials, and with hidden web deals you can often push them to 10 days. These are also worth it if you don’t want to join, but just want a few days in a fancy health club as a treat.

If you can’t find a trial offer for your gym, call and ask. It’s bound to say yes. Or ask a friend if they’ve a guest pass.


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Interesting statistics about gym membership?

  • Only 27% of gym members use the gym regularly – once a week or more. Make sure you are not overly optimistic about how often you will use the gym. Try out a three month membership to see how you get on. A short free trial doesn’t help much as it’s in month two or three that you will find out how committed you really are.
  • 90% of people say they definitely need swimming pool at their club when asked but only 10% of members actually use a pool. Don’t pay for facilities you don’t want – clubs without pools are usually cheaper.
  • If you do like swimming check out your local authority leisure centres first because most private clubs have pools less than 15m long which are not suitable for serious swimmers.
  • The average churn rate for a private club is 35% -50% per year. That means a club loses its entire membership every two to three years – now you understand why clubs are so desperate to get your business.
  • The split of men to women in health clubs is 55% women 45% men.

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Andrew Kitching