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Exercise even more important in the winter

10 March

Its cool to exercise in the winter


It is important to exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle but particularly in the winter when shorter, darker days can affect your mood or sense of wellbeing. It is recommended that you should try to do a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise five times a week – although any amount of exercise is better than none.

If you exercise on a regular basis you will feel more energetic, which might make it a little easier to get up on those cold, dark mornings – something that I find very difficult in the month’s after Christmas.

Your immune system is also strengthened through exercise which means you might suffer from fewer colds and coughs during the cold months.

I also tend to pile on the pounds during winter and then face an uphill struggle to get into some kind of shape for my summer holidays. Exercising helps to burn off the calories, increase your metabolic rate generally and avoid excessive weight gain.

Choose an activity or exercise that you enjoy or you are surely doomed. I don’t generally like exercise but I do love watching sports. At my local gym I use the running machine which has a television set with headphones and then try and make sure my gym sessions coincide with a big match.

What is Exercise?

Hey but exercise doesn’t necessarily mean a gym session or ten mile run – great if you’re up to that – a good brisk walk several times a week is a good idea. I have to use the tube a lot to get around London so I sometimes walk to the next stop rather than the nearest stop if I have time. A friend of mine has got obsessed with pedometers and gets a lot of fun out of gradually increasing the distance he walks each week. So don’t be put off by the Nike brigade just take it slowly and always warm up before vigorous exercise otherwise you might end up with a pulled muscle on your first attempt giving you a great excuse to do nothing else for another three months!


Andrew Kitching