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Cut the cost of year-long gym membership contracts

20 April

Cut the cost of year-long gym membership contracts

nuffield gym-membershipPart of our goal at our websites has always been to get better gym membership deals for everyone and so when considering this post we thought it would be appropriate to show part of an article on cost cutting by our friends at they have become a great resource for money saving advice. After that we will add some of our own tips to help you get the best gym membership deals.

Swanky gyms want you to think contract prices are fixed. They’re not. The gym sector is fiercely competitive, so there are tons of ways to slim down the price. If you’re signing a contract, do ensure you read what to watch out for in contracts below.

         Haggle ??- Most gyms employ a commission-driven sales team to sign you up, making them a prime candidate for haggling. ??Don’t settle for the standard package. With a bit of chutzpah you should be able to slice a wedge off the cost, especially towards the end of the month, when sales staff need to meet targets. ?Once you’ve got the price down as far as you think it’ll go, ask for some free guest passes on top. MoneySavers say Fitness First is the most haggleable gym. LA Fitness usually won’t lower the price but will throw in freebies such as towels and padlocks.??If you go for a gym tour and they won’t agree to a deal that day, go home without signing up. The phone often rings a few days later with a new offer.    


         LA Fitness: 66% off cost of membership with Tesco –? You can join LA Fitness for a third of the normal price if you collect Tesco Clubcard points. When you convert Clubcard vouchers into Tesco Rewards, they are worth up for three or four times as much as when you spend them in-store.?LA Fitness is a member of the scheme, and you can use Clubcard vouchers as part or full payment towards an annual membership and joining fee. ?Each £5 in Clubcard vouchers is worth £15 in LA Fitness vouchers. So gym bunnies wanting to join in Manchester, for example, could cut the cost of annual peak membership from £930 to £310. All new LA Fitness members pay a £50 joining fee, so don’t forget to factor this in. There’s more on maximising Tesco Clubcard points in the Boost Tesco Points guide.

         Cheap corporate gym membership –?Check if your employer offers subsidised gym membership or has a relationship with a gym, which can be at silly prices. If not, speak to your HR department and suggest they set up a deal.

         Get a mate to refer you –?Some clubs have ‘refer-a-friend’ offers where either the referrer or referee gets a gift, eg, towels, padlock or even iPods. So if you’ve already decided to join, see if you know someone who belongs already before signing on the dotted line.

         Special opening rates – New gyms often offer cheap ‘founder’ memberships to drum up custom. To find new gyms, scour industry publications such as Club Solutions and Health Club Management, as well gyms’ own sites.

         Go off-peak –?Most gyms provide cheaper membership during ‘off-peak’ hours. This means, if it’s possible, for you to visit the gym during the daytime, work lunchtimes or at weekends, you could slash the cost.?

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More Gym Membership Tips

As always some great advice but here are a few more ideas to help you negotiate a better deal when looking for a new gym membership contract.

  • Club managers have sales targets – usually monthly sales targets – so negotiate with your club at the end of the month rather than at the beginning. Clubs are under massive pressure to hit their sales targets and it might just be your membership that secures their bonus for the month.
  • If you are not in a rush to join a club wait until July, August or December the slowest months in the year for sales. The club will roll out the red carpet for you. Don’t assume you won’t get a deal in the popular months of January and February – the managers’ sales targets have been increased accordingly and they may be even more desperate than usual to get a sale.
  • Never pay a joining fee! You may have to pay a low administration fee to cover the cost of issuing a membership card etc. but don’t pay a joining fee – joining fees went out in the nineties. If your club is that greedy you probably don’t want to be a member.
  • If you don’t get anywhere with your first effort for a discount go to the club on another day and try another sales person. Some sales people cave in easier than others – its just human nature.
  • Check other clubs and prices in the area and if they are cheaper tell the club you want to join. Nothing irritates a club manager more than thinking they have lost you to the opposition.

As you can see there are many aspects to consider when looking for a membership to your local gym. Off course for many of you with busy working lives this may be more than you have time for, so why not let us do the heavy lifting (that’s what we are good at) and find you the best gym membership available near you.

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