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Britons turn to home workouts to avoid gym costs – MKWeb

13 August

New research has revealed that home workouts and outdoor fitness are on the rise as gym goers opt out of high fees and the gym environment.

Over a third of people have quit their local gym to avoid high fitness costs and feeling self conscious when working out in public.

The study, conducted by, polled 1,662 UK adults from around the UK who claimed to regularly exercise as part of ongoing research into fitness habits.

It asked ‘Where are you most likely to undertake exercise?’ and asked respondents to select from a list of possible options. The results revealed the following top five places to exercise:

• At the gym – 39%

• Home workouts -36%

• Outdoor training – 33%

• As part of a team – rugby, football etc – 28%

• Sports club – tennis, squash etc – 21%

Those who said they didn’t exercise at their local gym revealed that cost was the number one factor putting them off gym membership with 44% saying they didn’t want to pay for it. A further 32% explained they felt ‘too self conscious’ when exercising in front of other gym users and 24% said the gym took up too much of their time.

Maz Darvish, CEO of who carried out the survey, said:

“As gym prices increase along with the cost of everyday living, it’s no surprise that people are opting for the cheaper home work out. Exercising at home also has the added benefit of better time flexibility. You don’t need to travel to and from the gym.”

The study also revealed that 62% those who work out at home were former gym members and over half said they were unlikely to return to their gym.

Home workouts and outdoor training have become more popular as a cheaper alternative, with people feeling more comfortable being able to exercise in the comfort of their own home with a fitness DVD.

Mr Darvish added:” You can do a lot of exercise without the need for any extra equipment, but if you invest in suitable fitness accessories, they’re yours for life and won’t rack up unforeseen fees. I think they’ll always be a place for the gym, but people shouldn’t regard it as the be all and end all.”

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Andrew Kitching