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UK Gym Membership Deals 2014

25 December
Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklers

Best UK Gym Membership Prices 2014 Get the best gym prices with no fuss, no long-term contracts as well as our 10 day money back guarantee. You could save up to 40% on your membership when use the gym website, we have hundreds of membership deals offering you the best prices to stay fit and healthy […]

New Gym Membership Rights Courtesy of OFT

21 March

Gym members will be able to cancel contracts more easily, following an OFT (Office of Fair Trading) investigation
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What to Do When Things Go Wrong

28 April

What to do When Gym Membership Deals Go Wrong! Cancelling a gym membership contract can be a little complex at times so here is a great article by “the Money Saving Expert” website on how to cancel and also what to look out for before taking out a new plan. We have also added our […]

What to Watch Out for in Gym Membership Contracts

26 April

What happens if your circumstances change? Ask what happens if you are ill or injured, move house, get pregnant or change jobs. What proof will you need, e.g., a doctor’s letter. Can you freeze your membership or transfer it to someone else?

Gym Membership Price Secrets

24 April

Gym Membership Price Tips Here are a few tips and ideas with regards to gym membership prices that you may wish to consider when looking for a new gym to train at this year. We believe finding a “local” gym is always best as it usually results in a better attendance record. However local does […]

Things to Consider Before Buying Gym Membership

22 April

Things to Consider Before Buying Gym Membership   Here are a few tips to help you when looking at local gyms for the first time that you will want to keep in mind. Remember that picture in an ad or brochure may look great but only if you end up going on a regular basis, […]

Cut the cost of year-long gym membership contracts

20 April

Cut the cost of year-long gym membership contracts Part of our goal at our websites has always been to get better gym membership deals for everyone and so when considering this post we thought it would be appropriate to show part of an article on cost cutting by our friends at they have become […]

Don’t Commit Unless You’ll Use it.

18 April

Don’t Commit to a Long Gym Membership Contract unless you’ll use it Some might think we should not be writing this as it seems to be contrary to our business of selling great gym membership deals to everyone. However nothing upsets us more than seeing customers locked into contracts (often expensive) that in all reality […]

How to get the most out of your gym membership

16 April

Maximising your gym membership enjoyment When joining a new gym it is important to not only think of your training needs but also how you can get the most out of your gym membership so that you feel motivated to return on a regular basis to a gym. It is all to easy to get […]

Mother beats debt collector on gym membership contract

13 January

Sometimes gym operators really miss the point when they decide to enforce a gym membership contract when all reasonable argument indicates otherwise.