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We are here to help you find the best gym membership in UK, whatever that might be. Ok so how can this blog help you?

 Here are a few ideas below. Just follow any links to see the relevant page. Alternatively go to our “Gym Membership Blog” there is a link in the menu above, and read some of our latest posts there.

 Why Us?

This is the official blog for our website (www.thegymwebsite.co.uk) where we offer many of the best deals for spa and gym membership in UK. We are the UK’s leading Gym Membership brokers and work to get better deals for you. Our experience in health clubs and gyms as well as the large number of visitors to our website has enabled us to negotiate many membership deals with both large gym chains and also smaller independent gyms that would not otherwise be available. This may be the reason we get so many visitors referred to us by our friends at http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/

All our “great gym membership prices are available to anyone

no fuss, no fees, no membership or registration required.

 How you Benefit

Gym Membership Deals and Discounts

As we are able too buy in bulk we are often able to sell you gym memberships at prices not available in gyms and clubs. These savings are only available on our website and cannot be negotiated at the gym if you turn up on your own.

Compare Local Gyms and Gym Membership Plans

We give you a free tool (see next section for details) to find local gyms near to you work or home. Then you can check out all the details and see pictures of that gym or spa to help decide if it is suitable for all your training needs.

 How to Find the Best Local Gym?

That’s easy as our “Gym Finder Tool” only asks you to enter your postcode and will then do all the work locating the gyms near you. This will allow you to compare many gyms and their membership plans – yes we have the details, pictures and other relevant info so you can make an informed choice. Ok so we like to just give you the tools to make getting the best gym real easy and then let you make your own decisions. For a sample of our local gyms and spas just click here and choose a town, if your town is not listed just go to the gym finder tool here and enter your postcode.

 See All the Latest Gym Membership Deals Immediately

We will be updating this blog with all the latest gym and spa membership deals as soon as they become available on our website. However if you don’t have time to keep coming back then consider just getting our RSS feed delivered to your favorite RSS reader – just click the RSS button. [ image RSS button]


Great Website – So Why this Blog?

Well for starters gym memberships are not just about finding the best price and there are a number of other very important aspects to consider when choosing a new gym. Here at our blog we want to share our experience and knowledge as well as your feedback to help anyone make a more informed choice and not leave you possibly regretting a decision later. It is our way of giving back to all our great customers; past, present and future.

Gym Membership Money Saving Tips

Here are a few useful articles that you might wish to read if you are thinking about taking out a gym membership.

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What to do when gym deals go wrong (aka How to Complain)

However despite our collective knowledge of gyms, spas and membership plans, we are only human and so always welcome help from you. If you have any suggestions, ideas or just great tips, then we would welcome your input to help our community of health and fitness minded people grow and this blog to become a great resource for anyone seeking to join a gym anywhere.

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